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I am both excited and a little bit frightened by your Challenge, your blog, and by the way you have chosen to live your lives. This is an amazing decision, and I know great things will come of it! I also know that by following your path, even vicariously, I will be forced to change some of my decisions -- that's where the fear comes in.

To be honest, there's a special sort of despair that sets in when you see someone doing the very hard, but very RIGHT thing, right in front of you. But it's a good kind of despair, I think, as long as it prompts change.

Regardless, you are both amazing, and I am excited to start this journey with you!



Hi. I think this is great that you want to do this. I would like to make a donation to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank and have you match it, however I will need to email you directly since my email program doesn't work with the link above. Can you please provide your email address somewhere here on this site? I'm sure I'm not the only one with this issue and maybe this would help increase the amount that we can all give.

Many Thanks for your generosity!


Malcolm Sargent

Hi. Our thoughts about a donation & problems with your website are the same as Jill's. Mac.


I would love to donate to Safe Passages, but I can't get the link to your e-mail address to work. Could you post the actual e-mail address in your blog or in the comments? Thanks!


I think the e-mail address is Worth a shot!


I usually never read blog posts. But this is an exception, you have some awesome topics on here and some i found on Will visit daily and tell others for sure.

Tom the Charity Auction Software Guy

Im going to take you up on this Challenge and since I live in Illinois, It makes it easier to give knowing its helping an org close to me.


Hi every one ! "Charity Leads God ", the central theme of this blog is marvelous really a great job.I will spread this among my near and dears.


Hi! I am makeup artist.Your generosity is great.You are doing a wonderful job. Your interest in collecting contributions and your way of thinking about charity is marvelous. Keep it up!!

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